Maintenance Areas

Learn more about the treatments and definitions listed below:

At Total Lawn Care by Bryant, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure a strong and healthy lawn. Below are some of the common treatments and services that we provide:

LAWN: Areas throughout the property will be mowed every seven days during the growing season and as needed during the dormant months. In the event of inclement weather on the day your lawn is scheduled to be serviced, the work scheduled will be performed the following week. Obstacles that prevent regular mowing will be trimmed around with a string trimmer each time the lawn is mowed. Trash and debris will be removed weekly during the winter months.

EDGING: Sidewalk and driveway edging will be done with a mechanical edger weekly during the growing season. Mulched plant beds will be edged weekly during the growing season.

FERTILIZATION: All lawn areas will be fertilized three times per year with a slow release fertilizer, or the rate suggested by a soil sample.

LIME: Lime will be applied during the winter at the rate suggested by a soil sample.

SEEDING/AERATING: The entire lawn will be over-seeded in the fall (September or October.). All bare areas larger than two square feet will be tilled, seeded, and mulched. The entire lawn will be aerated at this time.

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SHRUBS/TREES: All shrubs and trees will be trimmed as needed to maintain proper shape. They will be fertilized once per year.

MULCH: Pine straw and mulch will be renewed when needed during the month of February.

LEAVES: Leaves will be blown from the lawn areas weekly during the fall. Leaves in mulched natural areas will be removed to prevent large accumulation.

PARKING AREAS/WALKS: Parking areas and walks will be blown free of grass clippings and debris each visit.

HERBICIDE: Mulched bed areas will be sprayed or hand-weeded as needed to control unwanted grass and weeds. Pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide will be applied to all lawn areas to control crabgrass and weeds.

ANNUAL COLOR: Annual flowers can be planted two times per year to provide color. Flowers are at an additional charge and will be invoiced separately from contract.